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1-Centro Italiano Firenze

The language school Centro Italiano Firenze is located in a historic building in the center of Florence. The school premises include spacious... read more
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2-learning french : Our school holds classes for every level of French: General French, Specialised French, Au Pair Courses, French... read more
[Hits: 1 - Hinzugefügt: 05-11-2012]

3-AIP School Languages in Spain

AIP, école d'espagnol offre un enseignement de langues basé sur une méthode communicative avec des cours très dynamiques, des professeurs... read more
[Hits: 1 - Hinzugefügt: 09-07-2012]

4-Malta Expats is the premier hub for the international community and its people living in or relocating to Malta.
read more
[Hits: 2 - Hinzugefügt: 13-03-2017]

5-Learn Arabic in Cairo, Egypt

Learn Arabic with Ahlan World in Cairo, Egypt and enjoy the hospitality and lively atmosphere of Ahlan which makes it a great place to study and... read more
[Hits: 2 - Hinzugefügt: 09-07-2019]

6-Language School in Switzerland

The VOX language school was founded in 1994 as VOX-Script language studio in the heart of Winterthur and has since been offering high-quality... read more
[Hits: 2 - Hinzugefügt: 17-12-2020]

7-Kappa Language School - Associazione Culturale Koiné

Kappa Language School is a Boutique Language School based in the very center of Rome, 500mt from the Colosseum and between two of the most... read more
[Hits: 2 - Hinzugefügt: 06-11-2012]

8-Hello Study France

Hello Study is a service business offering to students and foreigners coming to France an administrative assistance, and ensures that you find a... read more
[Hits: 2 - Hinzugefügt: 04-01-2016]

9-That's Mandarin Chinese Language School

Founded in Beijing in 2005, That's Mandarin has been growing strong ever since. We now have schools in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Every year,... read more
[Hits: 3 - Hinzugefügt: 26-08-2019]

10-Caminhos Language Centre

The Caminhos Language Centre is the largest and most exciting Portuguese school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We offer high quality Portuguese courses... read more
[Hits: 3 - Hinzugefügt: 28-03-2017]

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