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1-Reconnecting-You Intercultural Coaching and Mediation

Relocation coaching can support you (individually or together with your family/team) in this adaptation phase. Learn to consciously deal with... read more
[Hits: 0 - Hinzugefügt: 19-02-2021]

2-Personal development opportunities

Details of personal development coaching products and services as well as information for those interested in becoming distributors of these products. read more
[Hits: 0 - Hinzugefügt: 22-04-2021]

3-Apprenez à mieux vous connaître

“ Apprenez à mieux vous connaitre“ est un blog spécialisé dans le développement personnel qui met l’accent sur la motivation, le... read more
[Hits: 6 - Hinzugefügt: 30-06-2017]

4-The Expat Method, Mastering Change

The Expat Method, Mastering Personal and Organizational Change is a book that helps expats and international organization maintain balance beyond... read more
[Hits: 8 - Hinzugefügt: 07-04-2016]

5-Coaching and Counseling via Skype for Expats

Skype Coaching for Digital Nomads has many benefits: read more
[Hits: 8 - Hinzugefügt: 10-03-2016]

6-Expatriate Repatriate Coaching Services

Whether you are relocating to a foreign country or returning to your native country after time away, it is common to struggle with your... read more
[Hits: 9 - Hinzugefügt: 29-10-2013]

7-Cockpit Coaching

What´s your next DESTINATION? read more
[Hits: 9 - Hinzugefügt: 17-06-2015]

8-DM Coaching

Life abroad can be very exciting and demanding, however may also cause an anxiety, stress and homesickness. It may make you feel helpless, alone,... read more
[Hits: 11 - Hinzugefügt: 26-01-2015], site bilingue de services pour les familles est un site bilingue incontournable pour les familles parisiennes , françaises et étrangères, à la recherche de services... read more
[Hits: 18 - Hinzugefügt: 11-01-2011]

10-Expatriate Counseling - Multilingual counseling

Expatriate Counseling, Multilingual and Multicultural Coaching Counseling and Therapy in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian... read more
[Hits: 74 - Hinzugefügt: 21-04-2009]

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