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Karma Yatri

Karma Yatri is a premium class - guided motorcycle tour - company that offers Royal Enfield adventure rides across the Trans-Himalayas (Kashmir,Ladakh & Himachal Pradesh), Goa, the South West Coast and South India. We have been operating in these parts for over a decade and our trip circuits have been well researched and seamlessly planned in order to give a rider the maximum experience but still have the relative flexibility to allow for an adventure to behave like an “adventure”.

Riders on our trips have had the most fun traveling with us because the trip plans combine personalized experiences, local culture & adventure.

We can provide you a full range of services covering all aspects of your travel or we can provide you from a basket of services, based on your requirements. Motorcycles on our trips feature the iconic Royal Enfield motorcycles with an option choose from the 500 cc Classic or the – enduro styled – Himalayan model.


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