IT: программист, аналитик, и т.д. в Брюссель

Стажировка - Php разработчик

Вы любите вызов, обладаете предпринимательским духом и хотите стать частью одной из самых быстрорастущих компаний SaaS в Европе? Тогда мы хотим услышать от вас ...


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Traineeship - PHP Developer

Do you love a challenge, have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to be part of one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Europe? Then we want to hear from you...


-Build the best foundations for the future, using the latest standards & techs
-Develop new features and improve the existing ones
-Help in converting ideas and suggestions from the market into reality
-Define the next features to develop at the weekly Sprint planning
-Have fun doing all of the above!


-You wish to do a PHP internship as part of your studies.
-You have knowledge of Javascript, C/C++, PHP, HTML, CSS
-You have a scale-up mind set.
-You have a high level of enthusiasm and independence.
-You are fluent in French and have good command of English
-An internship agreement is provided by your university
-You can start in September 2019

Optimy is a world-class solution that serves 250 clients in 21 countries. Our client-portfolio includes L’Oréal, UEFA, Johnson & Johnson and Petrobras.

Our awesome, young and international team is the foundation of our success. With a scale-up mindset and a drive for results, we all work towards one common objective: Making an impact on the world of philanthropy and sponsorship with Tech!

Here at Optimy you’ll be hearing about a new Community Investment implementation in London over a good Belgian Beer during our TGIF events. We celebrate every new partnership with the sound of a buzz; whether it’s in Rio, Toronto, Paris or Tokyo.

In addition, we have recently been backed by a Canadian SaaS specialised VC which will not only boost our growth but they will also open the door to a network of experts. Our new partner will provide us with additional financial benefits which will help support our international expansion.

Компания: Optimy

Страна: в Брюссель

Тип работы: Практика



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Стажировка - Php разработчик

Вы любите вызов, обладаете предпринимательским духом и (...)

IT: программист, аналитик, и т.д.: Брюссель
Стажировка - Поддержка клиентов

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IT: программист, аналитик, и т.д.: Брюссель
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