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xBorderPros.com is your #1 resource for cross border tax, financial planning, immigration and legal issues. Our group of cross border professionals serve clients throughout Canada and the US. Specific Canadian client service locations include, Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

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 Ultimate Cross Border Investment Guide
We get a lot of questions regarding inheritances between Canada and the US. Whether it’s a Canadian client receiving an inheritance from a US relative or a US resident receiving an inheritance from their Canadian relatives, the tax intricacies can be significant and diffic
10 February 2019 | 10:13 pm

 Cross Border Tax News 2019 (Updated January 23, 2019)
Here you’ll find updates on cross border tax issues for 2019. Please check back often for updates as this page will be revised for new cross border tax news items from month to month. You can also sign up here to receive the updates automatically. Update January 23, 2019:
10 January 2019 | 6:12 pm

 IRA Distributions for Canadian – Tax Withholdings
Question Hi Phil, Happy Holidays to you! I would like to check in with you before I decide to go through with a lump sum distribution of a rollover IRA that I still have in the States. I find myself being confused about how it will be taxed. Could I have your input and advice [&
8 January 2019 | 1:04 am

 FBAR and 8938 Official U.S. Treasury exchange rates for 31 December 2018
Update January 17, 2019: We were pleasantly surprised, even as the US government shutdown continues that the year end exchange rates were released yesterday. For 2018 the year end FBAR and 8938 US-Canadian exchange rate is as follows: 1 USD = 1.3620 CAD Due to the current govern
7 January 2019 | 9:52 pm

 Cross Border Tax Topics – The Wealthy Life Appearance
A big thanks to Sybil Verch and the crew at the Wealthy Life for having us down for the show. Although the segment was relatively brief we were able to touch on a few key cross border tax and investment topics: General Tax and Compliance Considerations for US Citizens in Canada
7 November 2018 | 3:34 pm

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Des solutions d’assurance maladie internationale modulables, adaptées à vos besoins à l'étranger.
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