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Teacher Finder connects language learners with private teachers for lessons in person, or over Skype.

We make the process of finding a suitable language teacher quick and easy. After filling out just one form you'll be introduced to a professional language tutor. After that, you're free to arrange lessons and pay the teacher directly.

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 False Friends in Language Learning
False friends are the worst whether it comes to everyday life or language learning. Sneaking into our lives under the guise of something else, they often all show their real face when the damage is already done. In both cases, much embarrassment and unpleasantness can follow whe
22 June 2017 | 4:21 pm

 Is Knowing Grammar Important?
In the recent years, there has been a quiet revolution in the language learning community. The revolution has been over the importance of grammar in second language acquisition. When in traditional language classes at school, a lot of time is spent on learning and drilling the g
20 June 2017 | 4:03 pm

 Preparing Yourself for Success on the TOEFL Independent Essay
For students who need to take the TOEFL, the first step is clear: take a practice test. Once you have your practice test results, students can and should set up a study plan and schedule their official exam. Regardless of score, almost all students have the same initial reaction
18 June 2017 | 3:56 pm

 Language Practice in Paris: TripMeeters Paris
Paris being among the top tourist and expat destinations in the world definitely comes with perks if you are looking for ways to practice your target language. The new home to people from all cultures and various mother tongues, there is no lack of people to practice with, whate
16 June 2017 | 3:38 pm

 Language Practice in Paris: Polyglot Club Paris
The capital of France has been charming people for centuries now. From the 17th century, when Paris first became a major centre of culture and finance, its influence has only been growing. French art and cuisine are world famous, as are the most important museums in Paris. Thank
15 June 2017 | 12:37 am

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Transporteurs internationaux
Transporteurs internationaux
Pour planifier plus facilement votre déménagement à l’international: comparez jusqu'à 5 devis de notre réseau de déménageurs.
Assurance santé expatrié
Assurance santé expatrié
Des solutions d’assurance maladie internationale modulables, adaptées à vos besoins à l'étranger.
Trouvez un logement
Trouvez un logement
Uniplaces est un site de réservation en ligne de logements de moyen à long terme, proposant des milliers de logements vérifiés.
Vous trouverez des hôtels à prix réduit, promotions, bonnes affaires, dernière minute, avec une réservation en temps réel.

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