Train, Lok, Loco, Vapeur, Locomotives

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Train, Lok, Loco, Vapeur, Locomotives

Bonjour, j'ai un absolument génial pour vous. C'est sans doute la plus belle chose unique de l'artisanat allemand, qui n'a jamais été disponible directement. C'est un train de musée avec 1 des ...

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Train, Lok, loco, steam,locomotives

Hello , I have an absolutely great unique for you. It is arguably the most beautiful unique thing about German craftsmanship, which was never available directly. It is a museum train with 1 of the most beautiful locomotives that has ever been designed with trailers so 4 tenders and 80 meters rails.
Only first of the locomotive:
about 55x55cmx187cm. Approximately 250 KG.
Scale 1.10, track width 144.
The train runs with coal and steam. It could probably be rebuilt electrically ...
It was laboriously assembled by a German engineer himself and has now been conserved in a living room for 20 years and still looks like new. It has been expertly oiled and preserved, without rust etc. It has a high quality stainless steel carpenter boiler, the best thing on the market. It runs easily with 2 adults and up to 3 children. She was embellished by numerous extras. It can be chromed or gilded as desired. But at the moment she is still as natural as she was once and more beautiful. What you can see very well in the photos. However, there are already numerous interested parties in Germany. with one of the train reasonable price offer and a down payment for the purchase these Intressenten and I can deliver this miracle by ship container with forwarding. The highest bidder receives the ticket and all rights as well as the delivery. I am a private broker. This track would be a special attention that not only children's hearts beat higher. One should not miss this, especially as the value of this miracle will never go away. Whether you are in a mall with a sheikh in the garden or in a special building, anything is possible. Only one person can own you, even though you could then marvel at many people from all over the world. Only I would need a quick commitment or a deposit so I can pay you so that no one else gets. I would like to have spoken to you personally although my english is not that good either. I trade privately, but can negotiate everything with you contractually. Decisive is only who wants to pay the most for it or because I only earn a share in it. Kind regards
Dirk Zablowsky

Prix : 150000 EUR

Lieu: à Los Angeles

Téléphone : +4915141809480

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Train, Lok, loco, steam,locomotivesTrain, Lok, Loco, Vapeur, Locomotives
Bonjour, j'ai un absolument génial pour vous. C'est sans doute la plus belle chose unique de (...)
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