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Traductor, Intérprete en Shanghai

Traductor Técnico Interno (en> De / Fi / Hu / Ro / Bg / El)

CSOFT está buscando expertos en traductores / propietarios de idiomas. La función principal de LO (Language Owner) será servir como traductor principal y evaluador lingüístico de la interfaz de usuario del teléfono inteligente y como controlador de acceso para ...

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Technical In-house Translator ( EN> DE/ FI/ HU/ RO/ BG/ EL)

CSOFT is looking for Language Owner/Translator experts. The main role of the LO (Language Owner) will be to serve as the main translator and linguistic tester of smart phone UI and as gatekeeper for the quality of translations done by others. You will work with a team and under the supervision of a mentor to complete linguistic projects according to the requests of clients. You will gain real work experience and learn to communicate with project managers, other employees and the client, to manage your workload and time, to use translation and testing tools (like CAT), and more.

This position will be available on a full-time basis from our Shanghai office. We are looking for translators in the following languages:
• German
• Finnish
• Greek
• Bulgarian
• Romanian
• Hungarian

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
• Actual translations from English to German/Finnish/Greek/Bulgarian/Romanian/Hungarian for smart phone UI (User Interface) and UG (User Guide), and others types of content.
• Proofreading/reviewing existing translations against the English source.
• Linguistic testing by screenshots or with actual smart phone.
• Other language owner-related tasks, such as updating glossary, communicating with the client, provide training to the translators.
• Marketing translations for the following fields:
- IT - Computer software & hardware
- Telecommunications (Cellphone UI & Manuals)
- Technical Engineering
Note: Technical text will be provided with glossaries, TMs, and sufficient reference files to aid in translations.

Desired Skills:
• Fast and Efficient (not sacrificing quality for speed)
• Mature & Professional
• Hardworking & Dedicated
• Ability to work in a team setting.
• Pro-active, Confident and Organized
• Resourceful (good at researching terminologies)
• Detail-Oriented / Eye for detail
• Good communication skills (English & Chinese)
• Has a passion for translations and linguistics
• Keenness for electronic devices, particularly smartphones
• Previous experience and/or familiarity with translation for the fields mentioned below will be an advantage.

• Native speaker of: German/Finnish/Greek/Bulgarian/Romanian/Hungarian
• Must have a very good comprehension of written and spoken English; Chinese proficiency is also preferred.
• Good knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and their functions.
• Basic knowledge of Internet & Email communication applications.
• Has two to three years of experience as translator in the ICT industry.
• A Bachelor’s Degree, desirably in related fields such as translations, linguistics, marketing or IT

If you are interested in further information send your CV and cover letter to Cathrine Hansen at

To learn more about CSOFT, our business, vision, people, and available opportunities, please visit our website at

Empresa: CSOFT International

Localidad: en Shanghai

Tipo de trabajo: Permanente

Anunciado por:
CSOFT International


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Traductor Técnico Interno (en> De / Fi / Hu / Ro / Bg / El)

CSOFT está buscando expertos en traductores / propietarios de idiomas. La función principal de LO (Language (...)

Traductor, Intérprete: Shanghai
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