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Seasonal work is an excellent way for students to earn some cash in their time off from school. These jobs are most frequently available in the summer, although some places hire extra help for the holidays.

Shops in malls often hire unskilled labor for the summer and holiday season, but the jobs tend to be low-pay and not very challenging. To apply, go to whichever location you prefer and drop off résumés and/or fill out application at places that are hiring.

Listings for students are often placed on college campuses, in the school paper, and on the school website. Many short-term or seasonal employers offer jobs through the school which is mutually beneficial. Schools themselves are also occasionally in need of seasonal help so inquire at the elementary, high school, community college, or university near you.
For a wider variety of options, the classifieds in newspapers and on-line listings often have a short-term or part-time section. One of the best sites for on-line listings of any kind is Users can post offerings for free and browsers can look at the well organized and much used listings.

Other sites to try:

If you are in need of a visa and would prefer a program set up a work environment for you, there are several companies and options:

Interexchange is an agency that arranges for international university students to work in the USA. The jobs are short-term, entry-level seasonal staff seeking work under the J-1 Visa program. Summer jobs frequently include opportunities to work at children's summer camps, housecleaning, kitchen work, or other possibilities. Work & Travel USA Summer staff arrive between May and July and can work until September or October. Winter staff arrive in December and can work until March or April. Participants are legally authorized to work for a maximum of 4 months. Program fees depend on position. To fill out an information request form, click here. To apply staff must be ages of 18 to 28, full-time student, able to attend orientation and interview in home country, flexible, hard-working, and open-minded.

The Taproot Foundation is another source for community conscious work. Responsible for many community-oriented programs, the organization is often in need of help from administrative to project leaders. To apply, go to

Camp America offers opportunities working with children in the United States. Jobs vary, but positions are along the lines of being a summer camp counselor teaching, cooking, and cleaning etc. in a children's summer resort. For more information and to apply, check out the website

BUNAC's Work America is another excellent option. The program is set-up for university students to spend up to four months living in America. BUNAC arranges for a variety of employment opportunities at their website: Check out the BUNAC's Job Directory for potential job leads.

You will find information on voluntary jobs or internship abroad in our other articles on the left column of this page.

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