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Preparing for your move

Preparing to go abroad includes securing important documents, making copies, and a lot of planning.

  1. Passports: check expiration- must not expire within 6 months of your arrival. Make at least 2 copies and keep one in a safe place separate from your original passport.
  2. Secure medical insurance and possibly travel insurance to prevent unmanageable medical bills and enable entry into other countries.
  3. If you are staying long enough that you need a Visa, research and begin the process before you leave.
  4. Save enough money to support your cost of living and lifestyle plus travel costs with enough of a buffer to be prepared for the unexpected.

On the home front, make sure all bills are paid or have a means of being paid. If you are retaining a residence while abroad, make sure the rent is taken care of and that utilities are being paid while you are away. Forward your mail and change any subscriptions you may have. Be sure that important institutions like your bank and business are able to reach you.


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