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Water, gas, electricity and air conditioning are all available and are typically equal to standards of most developed countries. Basic Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Garbage) for an apartment should run about NT$ 42.33 a month.

You usually pay your own utilities bills as it is not included in the rent. These bills may come in your landlords name, but it is your responsibility to pay. Make sure this arrangement is clear and included in your lease. In apartment buildings, the meters are often grouped together in a single location and the building supervisor is responsible for providing access. Payment for services can be made at convenience stores, banks or the post office, or via your landlord. Many banks will arrange payment of bills by direct debit.


Natural gas is usually delivered to the home and is the preferred method for cooking and water heating. Some smaller apartments do not have a gas supply.

Gas bills are delivered every month and should cost about NT$ 500-600 for a three-person household.


Electricity bills are sent out every two months and may cost NT$ 500-1,000 depending on your use and whether there is an air-conditioner. Normal home use your rate should be around 3-4nt per kwh in the summer, and around 3nt or less per kwh during the rest of the year. The Taiwan Power Company is a state-owned electric power utility providing electric power to Taiwan and off-shore islands of Republic of China. Customer Service Hotline: 0800-031212.

Taiwan uses 110V 60Hz. Plug ins are Japanese-style with two parallel flat blades.


Water bills need to be paid every month. Typically costs NT$ 250-375 for a three-person household. The Taipei Water Department is responsible for supplying water to the city. A chart of basic charges can be found here.


Garbage is collected in the city at least once a day. A truck comes by playing a tune to alert you to its presence. Residents are required to separate recyclable materials into glass, aluminium, plastic and cardboard, and place these into the appropriate sections of the truck.

Update 18/12/2010


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