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Job Hunting for Short-Term Work in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for temporary or short duration employment opportunities in Sri Lanka, you should search for them in the regular job portals as well as those focused on short term openings.

Again, getting to know people, building contacts and gaining good will always works well for getting a job of your choice, suited to your skill-set and available time frame.

Short-Term Search Engines for Sri Lanka:

Often, the expat community has its own forums and meeting places for helping others, like themselves, settle in. Please consult the EasyExpat job listings.


As part of the EU, job seekers can access the European job mobility portal EURES. This resource provides information about job vacancies and the labour market. It also provides information on the living and working conditions, and a CV posting service.


Networking can help you find the perfect position. Chat with other expats and share your experience on EasyExpat's Forum.


Several papers have a helpful classified's section.
These include:

Teaching English in Sri Lanka

Teaching English is a challenging and rewarding job for expats. In Sri Lanka there is a dearth of native speakers of English as teachers. This inability to speak and write proper English has been an impediment in the development of this budding nation's growth. Jobs in schools or as a part-time tutor are common for getting started in Sri Lanka.

Like in the rest of the developing world, there is a growing attraction of the educated younger generation in Sri Lanka to seek university admissions abroad, in undergraduate and post-graduate courses, to brighten their career options and prospects. Due to this, learning English becomes a necessity to pass essential exams like the TOEFL or IELTS, which test English-speaking, listening, and writing ability.

If a person is a certified IELTS teacher, it would be a definite plus. Courses to prepare students for these tests abound. Expats can use their language skills to help students and earn at the same time.

Search for Teaching Jobs in Sri Lanka:

Student Employment Contract in Sri Lanka

An employment contract is a must for any working environment. In the case of a student or short-term work, a student employment contract may be used. This usually imposes a time-limit between a student and an employer, with the student getting a salary for his/her work.

Making a formal student work contract is not mandatory in Sri Lanka (it is possible to sign a standard employee contract instead) but may have additional secruity.

Discount Cards

ISIC Card (International Student Identity Card) - An internationally recognized identification card with thousands of discounts in over 133 countries, it is valid for one year from date of issue. Students of ANY age are eligible, as well as faculty members and children to young adults from 12-25. The price is $20, or you can purchase inexpensive travel insurance with the card. Purchase it online at

IYTC (International Youth Travel Card) - A discount card for travelers under 31 who aren't enrolled in school, this card offers a smaller range of youth travel discounts. The card costs $25 card. Purchase it online at

Visas for Short-term Work in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, if you want a job for a fixed, brief period of time or while holidaying, you must have an entry visa and apply for an employment visa and work permit.

It makes things easier if you have a job opportunity in hand. The employer's letter and details would have to be shared with the immigration officials. However, on no account can you change your visa-type once in Sri Lanka and neither can you seek employment whilst on a tourist/business visa.

For more information on visa requirements and permissions, consult the section on "Passport and Visas".

You will be able to find further information on voluntary jobs or internships abroad in our articles given on the left column of this page.

Update 22/07/2018


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