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There are various types of pension available. If you made sufficient contributions during your working life, at age 65/67 you may be entitled to the "State Pension (Contributory)". However, if you did not make sufficient contributions, you can apply for a "State Pension (Non-Contributory)", which is means-tested.

In January 2011 the government, employers and trade unions agreed to increase the retirement age by 2 years from 65 to 67 years.

Non-Contributory Pension: Non-contributory pensions are targeted at low-income households and for disabled people. In order to qualify, the beneficiary may not have a monthly or annual income equal to or greater than the non-contributory pension of €357.70 per month (€4,292 per annum).

Contributory Pensions: This pension system is financed by a payroll tax on salaries. The employee pays 4.7% of his/her salary while employers must pay the equivalent of 23.6 per cent of an employee's salary into the scheme. Minimum contribution period is the last 15 years (5,475 days) before you turn 65/67. However, in order to claim your full pension rate you must have worked and contributed them for at least 35 years.

Expat Pension Plans

Spain has social security arrangements with other countries that allow you to combine social insurance contributions that you have paid in Spain with social insurance contributions that you have paid in your home country (check each specific case HERE)

Where to apply

To claim a social welfare payment you should fill out the correct application form and return it to the Department of Social Security.

Further information about your Spanish social insurance record is available on:
Ministry of work and Social Security -  Forms for Transferred Workers
Paseo de la Castellana, 63 (28071 Madrid)
Calle Agustín de Betancourt, 4 (28071 – Madrid)
Tel: (0034) 91 363 00 00

Update 8/06/2018


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