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International Schools

International Schools are a good alternative for foreign nationals although a more costly option of course. Private international school fees start at around 5,000 euros a year for elementary school, increasing to about 6,500 euros a year for high school, plus an entrance fee of about 1,000 euros.

When looking for a suitable school for your child try and visit during school hours. You will also want to check out the bus routes to see where they run in relation to your home and how long the bus ride will be. Note that some schools have rather long waiting lists, especially if your child is not already fluent in English since in most schools there is a quota on the number of students admitted whose mother tongue is not English. Private boarding schools can also be found in the region of Seoul.

The following is a list of English-speaking schools in Seoul:

The following is a list of schools in Seoul where the main language is not English:





ECLC International Kindergarten
ECLC is a quality non-profit International Early Years School for children aged 2½ to six years. It is an English-speaking School with an enrollment of approximately 140 children representing over 25 different countries.

Located in Hannam-dong, ECLC is an IPC Member School (International Primary Curriculum) and is a member of KORCOS, the Korea Council of Overseas Schools. The Head of School is a member of ECIS (European Council of International Schools) as well as EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools).

Contact us at 795-8418 or andywhitney@eclcseoul.com for a tour or more information

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