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Television stations are delivered by cable or satellite. There is almost no basic television service i.e. antenna reception.


Satellite television is expensive to install but provides the widest range of channels including many foreign language stations. Depending on your requirements you may need different types of dishes or receivers, which adds cost. In some cases you may be able to get this equipment as part of your apartment rental when negotiating your lease; it’s worth asking your landlord. The basic satellite TV installation fee is around W600,000. You must have an alien registration number to open an account however.

The main Korean satellite TV providers are:

  • Unique Communications Tel: (02) 749-0301
  • Ehwa Satellite Co. Tel: (02) 415-4700
  • Sky-Master Company Tel: (02) 701-6363
  • Seki Communication Tel: (02) 2231-7989


Cable TV offers a similar range of channels as satellite television but few channels offer total programming in English. Cable companies and channel selection will also vary according to your geographical area. One advantage of cable is that there are many packages available whereby a high-speed internet connection can be added to the service. Connection to these services is very quick.

For further information contact:

  • Korean Cable TV Association Tel: 02-735-6511
  • C-VISION Tel: (02) 753-6781


Radio programming in Seoul is mostly in Korean, but it is possible to get English programmes via the American Forces Network at 102.7 FM and 1530 AM. You can also get traffic reports and some English programming through the Traffic Broadcasting System (TBS) at 95.1 FM.


Basic dial-up access to the internet is inexpensive, with special combined packages including reduced phone call rates. Seoul is known for having one of the world’s highest broadband internet usages of any city in the world, so DSL and cable internet providers are very widely available.

Here are some addresses to get you started:

Korea Telecom (KT)
Megapass ((broadband Internet)

Nespot (wireless LAN)
Tel: 100

Hanaro Telecom, Inc.

HanaFos (broadband Internet)

Korea Thrunet Co., Ltd.
Tel: 1588-3488

Onse Telecom Co., Ltd.
Tel: 083-101

The rates for internet vary from one company to another and will also depend on the length of the contract you sign up for. The longer the period of the contract, the cheaper the monthly rate will be.

Don’t forget that modem rental and installation cost extra. Note also that if you terminate the contract before its expected expiry date you’ll have to pay back some or all of the discounts you initially received.

Update 17/05/2010


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