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An international au pair is expecting to learn about another country, its culture, history and environment. This is a year spent on a cultural exchange - an opportunity to explore another country and learn English or another South African language. A South African au pair has either chosen child care as her career or is seeking GAP year or part-time income. Most families seeking au pairs lead highly mobile lives with both parents working, so the au pair must be able to do the school lifts and take children to extra afternoon activities as well as help out a bit with shopping and other household chores. In South Africa, au pairs who are not South African citizens must be aged between 18 and 24 years old. Higher salaries are commanded by au pairs with a child care or teaching qualification or very good experience. If a host family is in a position to pay a portion of the airfare, the choice of au pairs available will be larger.

The following rates are suggested for temporary and full time placement: Please note all rates are per hour and are negotiable according to hours needed daily, the qualifications of the au pair and child care requirements. If your au pair will be using her own vehicle, please note that petrol is charged for at a rate of R 3.00 p/km. A Toddler is defined as a child who is under the age of 3 or over this age, but still using diapers. When offering a monthly salary, work out how many hours the au pair will be needed on a weekly basis. Multiply this by 4 .5 (4 1/2 weeks in a month) and multiply again by the hourly rate. A rough guide for au pair compensation would be R1500 - R4500 per month for care provided 35-45 hours per week. A nanny or mother's help with a child care qualification or excellent infant care experience would expect in the region of R4500 to R8000 per month, so hiring an au pair is a good bargain.

  • 1 child with no infants or toddlers R40 p/h - R 45 p/h
  • 1 child with infant or toddler R45 p/h - R50 p/h
  • 2 children with no infants or toddlers R40 p/h - R45 p/h
  • 2 children with infants or toddlers R45 p/h - R50 p/h
  • 3 children no infants or toddlers R45 p/h - R55 p/h
  • 3 children with infants or toddlers R50 p/h - R60 p/h
  • more than 3 children, up to 5 R55 p/h - R70 p/h

What the au pair must know

  • Must hold valid South African driver's license
  • Must own a reliable car if not living with the family
  • Must have no criminal record
  • Must be in general good health
  • Must have at least two hundred hours child care experience
  • Must be able to commit for a year
  • Must have a good command of English
  • Must be a non smoker

Applicants from outside of South Africa must also provide their own:

  • Medical insurance
  • Round trip flight ticket,
  • Language courses if required
  • Initial pocket money

An executive au pair is someone who is an au pair by profession. This is a person who has had more than 3 years of experience working as an au pair/teacher/care giver for children, with contactable references. Executive au pairs look as child care as more than a job -- they have a commitment to the children they care for, and gain joy from the responsibilities of doing so. A qualified (Educare, Montessori, B.Prim Ed, Professional Child Care College or similar) au-pair who has good experience can earn R10,000 to R12,000 per month. Additional requirements for executive au pairs are listed below:

  • Has her own reliable child safe vehicle (along with a valid South African driving license)
  • Holds a valid First Aid/CPR certificate.
  • Holds a Tertiary child care related education qualification
  • Has a friendly, outgoing and caring personality
  • Is relatively active and enjoy being outdoors
  • Loves being around children aged 3 months to 16 years and enjoy doing creative activities with them
  • Is able to take the initiative in situations, from creating fun things to do, to handling an emergency situation

What the family has to do

  • A live in au pair must have her own bedroom within the family home or suitable alternative accommodation
  • A live in au pair must be given access to the family car
  • A live in au pair should have the choice of having her meals with the family or their children
  • A live in au pair must be permitted to have friends over and to go out, as any other family member her age would be
  • She should be given the opportunity to travel and explore South Africa
  • She must receive two weeks paid vacation
  • She must receive a legal South African au-pair work permit which allows her to work as an au pair if she is not a South African citizen
  • She must receive an employment contract with a clear job description, detailing her hours, duties and responsibilities
  • She must NOT be treated as a domestic employee
  • The employer family should not ask the au pair to do anything they themselves would not normally do

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