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If you are looking for a summer job or a gap year, voluntary work may be the perfect way to gain valuable experience abroad. With a volunteer project you will get professional and personal advancement in addition to improving your career prospects. An experience such as this also allow you to learn about another culture and encourage personal development, co-operation, tolerance and open-mindedness.

It is often thought that voluntary work is unpaid, and that people who contribute their time and energy freely to build a better community don't necessarily get the support and recognition they deserve. This is far from true, however, as many employers look favourably upon applicants whose CVs show that they've done volunteer work. Also, if you work as a volunteer during your summer holiday, you are likely to get accommodation and often a small amount of money for personal care.

What is a volunteer job?

Voluntary services are offered by choice – it is not mandatory or coerced. It contributes to the well-being of an individual or the community, and is usually co-ordinated by a non-profit or public sector organisation. It does not pay a salary or wage, but you may have your expenses covered.

Volunteering in Singapore

Below is a list of websites that may be able to help point you in the right direction to find voluntary work in Singapore :


NGO stands for non-governmental organisation, a legally constituted voluntary, non-profit organisation. They are by and large funded by private contributions, and tend to deal with environmental, social and political concerns. NGOs are usually formed by private individuals or groups. There are, however, some NGOs that are wholly or partly funded by governments, but they maintain their non-governmental status by barring government representatives from becoming members.

NGOs vary in size from global organisations (such as Amnesty International) to smaller local community groups (e.g. SANA – Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association)

Below is a site that lists some NGOs in Singapore : ... /Non-Governmental_Organisations

Also worth looking at are the following:

Community & activity camps

There are a number of community groups in Singapore, nearly all promoting a sense of belonging within the local community.

- Toa Payoh South Community Club
Provides social, cultural, and recreational activities for the residents.

- Toa Payoh East Community Club
Provides social, cultural and recreational activities for the residents.

- Hougang Community Club
Includes residents' services, photos, newsletter, events, and more.

- Kampong Glam Youth Group
Includes newsletter, organisational profile, adventure club information, and more.

- Central Singapore Community Development Council
Promotes awareness of Singapore and ones role within it.


Wherever you are in the world, you are highly advised to take out travel insurance. This should cover any eventuality that you may meet. Here is a short list of links for companies that provide travel insurance. There are, of course, many others.

You will need to ensure that your passport is up-to-date and that you have a valid visa to stay and work in Singapore.

Update 19/04/2008


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