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Although it is very common in Singapore for families to hire maids, opportunities do exist for au pairs wishing to work here.

What the au pair must know

She will have to take care of the children, i.e.:

  • Be able to at least converse with the children and their parents in their native language
  • Be sure they get up on time; dress the children/ensure the children dress themselves
  • Take them to school/nursery/activities etc
  • Play with them
  • Be in charge of their meals
  • Tidy up their rooms
  • Be free to baby-sit them if needed, including some evenings

What the family has to do

  • The family has to welcome the au pair and consider her not as an employee but a home help for the children. As such it is their duty to ensure the following:
  • The au pair must have her own bedroom
  • The au pair will work to a maximum of 25 – 35 hours per week. She should have a minimum of 2 days (2 x 24 hours) off during the week, preferably agreed upon in advance.
  • Au Pairs aren't expected to do the housework, dishes etc. However, they may be asked to do some housework, especially concerning the children.
  • Medical insurance should be in place to cover the au pair in case of sickness or accident.
  • The au pair should be paid an allowance (pocket money) each week.
  • It may be worth registering the au pair with the family GP.
  • Her possessions should also be registered on the house insurance.

Some addresses

If you want to register as an au pair or as a family, you can contact:

You can also consult:

Agencies will usually ask for a registration fee from the family, the au pair, or both.

Update 19/04/2008


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