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In order to visit Singapore, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Valid passport ( your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months)
  • Onward/return ticket
  • Entry permit for your next destination (if applicable)
  • Sufficient funds for your stay in Singapore
  • Singaporean visa (if applicable)

If you are staying for less than 3 months, citizens of certain countries (for example Morocco, Somalia & Russia) will need to apply for a visa. Citizens of many other countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Canada can enter Singapore and stay for up to 3 months without one. In all cases, stays of more than 3 months require a visa; the type of visa depending on the reason for your stay.

The various types of visas are:

Training Visa Pass

This is for those wishing to train in Singapore, and as such is required by students from universities in other countries, qualified personnel and people with a revenue of at least S$2500 working in management or any other specialised area.

  • Professional Visit Pass
    A Professional Visit Pass is required if the period of work is very short. Artists, singers and dancers are among those who may be requiring this.

Work Permit/Employment Pass

Required for those who will be working for a longer period of time.A Work Permit is generally given to low revenue workers (those earning less than S$1600 a month), such as construction workers, maids etc.

  • EMPLOYMENT PASS (P Category)
    This is for professionals or entrepreneurs in particular domains such as management or administration. Workers who will be earning (per month) between S$3 500 and S$7 000 will need a P2 pass, and those earning over S$7 000 will require a P1 pass.
    P passes are valid for an initial 2 years, and renewable every 3 years thereafter.
  • EMPLOYMENT PASS (Q Category)
    Qualified workers who can prove that they have special skills ( e.g. baker or jeweller) can ask for a Q1 pass as long as they will be earning a minimum monthly salary of S$2 000
  • EMPLOYMENT PASS (S Category)
    These are for workers and technicians (qualification is evaluated using a points system) with a revenue of at least S$1800 a month.
    Families (spouse and children under 21) of workers holding a P1, P2 or Q1 require dependant passes to stay in Singapore . They don't have an automatic right to work, but may ask if they wish.
    Grand-parents can apply for a Long-Term Social Visit Pass.

Whatever category applies to you, you will have to go through the Ministry of Manpower. There is a whole lot of paperwork involved (and is all done in English, the language of administration in Singapore ), as well as a lot of queuing and waiting around. Luckily, it is usually the employer who takes care of this side of things. You/your employer will also have to prove that no Singaporean can do the job that you are applying for. It goes without saying that you will need a proper contract.

If you are re-entering Singapore to work, you will need a re-entry Permit.

Two very important websites for you to go to are listed below:

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority:

Ministry of Manpower:

And also:

Update 20/11/2009


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