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To call Russia, the country code is 7. Moscow's area code is 095. To dial Moscow from outside of the country you must dial 7095 and then the individual number. Other area codes within Russia:

  • St. Petersburg 812
  • Novobirsk 383
  • Novgorod 831
  • Yekaterinburg 343
  • Vladivostok 423

If you are within Russia, you must dial 8 and wait for a second dial tone. Then dial 58, the country code, city code and telephone number. For example:
To dial the US: 8 58 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number
To dial England: 8 58 44 + Area Code + Telephone Number

For more information on how to dial and phone codes,

There are public, card-operated phones of the entrance halls of Moscow's Metro stations. The cards are available in cashier windows at the Metro stations or at post offices. The credit left on the cards is shown on the phone's digital display. You may also call from post offices, where an operator will connect you to the required number. It is always cheaper to call on weekends, international holidays, and weekday nights.

Phone directory:Phone Directory
European directory: European directory

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