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Internships are an excellent tool for advancing your skills in a field of interest. These positions can help young adults find a career path, test their aptitude for certain kinds of work, and develop their talents. Internships are almost always unpaid as applicants are expected to be gaining career development and experience while the company gets cheap labour. It is important to find the right match of company or project because a lot of effort goes into an internship and you have to be getting something back.

Networking can be very useful. If you have a family doctor and are interested in medicine, ask about the possibility of interning at the office. If you are interested in art, ask at your favorite gallery. Tell your family, friends, and family friends that you are looking for an internship and see if they have any contacts in your field of interest. It never hurts to ask.

Once a possible internship has been located, send your résumé and cover letter. Indicate the name of your contact if you have one. Call back the companies after a week if you have not heard anything. It will show your determination and might put your file at the top of the list.

Internships can be more easily obtained by paying to be accepted into a program.
United Planet offers people of all ages and nationalities, both skilled and unskilled, the unique opportunity to take part in a global internship experience with prices starting at $1445.

Quest Volunteer Abroad Program allows individuals to choose to take part in international internships in: Short-Term Quests (1-12 weeks), Long-Term Quests (6 months to 1 year) or in customized Group Quests.

United Planet has interns working between 30 and 40 hours per week at their project placement. As part of your program fee, you will also take part in cultural activities and go on excursions to sites of historical and archaeological importance.

AmeriSpan includes Russian classes, private room in homestay (2 meals/day) during classes, private room in shared apartment (no meals) during placement, visa acceptance letter, internship placement, on-site coordinator, travel insurance and airport pick-up.

Alfa Fellowship Program is a high-level professional development exchange program placing qualified American citizens in work assignments at leading Russian organizations in the fields of business, economics, journalism, law, public policy, and government.

KEI's internship programs allow students to gain practical experience abroad, gain international awareness and expertise, and earn academic credit towards an undergraduate or graduate degree - and build their resumes. Academic credit for the Russia internship is granted by Clark Atlanta University, accredited in the USA.


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