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Housing Market in Qatar

The Qatari real estate market only recently opened up to non-Qataris. Foreigners are permitted to buy property in Qatar in certain designated developments only. These developments are:

One advantage of purchasing property in Qatar is that property owners are automatically entitled to a real estate residency visa for themselves and their immediate family, subject to certain conditions.

There were about 259,000 housing units in Qatar in 2010, with 193,000 being apartments and 62,000 being villas. Of these units, about 81% are occupied. Doha is also currently experiencing a construction boom, with an additional 74,000 residential units to be completed by 2020, of which 66,000 will be apartments and 8,000 will be villas.

Average purchase prices of property in Doha:

How to Search for Real Estate in Qatar

Online Listing

There are many websites to assist you in finding property to purchase in Doha. These can be classifieds-type websites, or real estate agency web sites.

Another great online resource is the Qatar classifieds on EasyExpat. You can also chat with other expats on the Qatar forum or network and receive advice.

Newspapers Classifieds for Property in Qatar

You can also find property for sale postings in the Gulf Times, a major English language newspaper in Qatar. Housing postings can be found in the classifieds section of the hard copy of the newspaper.

Estate Agents in Qatar

Be sure to verify in writing what the agency's fees are before committing to anything.

You should get real estate agency recommendations through Qatar expat forums and inquiring with friends and co-workers before hiring an agent.

Making an Offer on Property in Doha

Purchasers in Doha may make an offer to buy through their real estate agent or lawyer. If a purchaser is using a mortgage, he/he must obtain final mortgage approval before making an offer. Bargaining and negotiation are permitted.

Real Estate Contracts in Qatar

Purchase contracts in Qatar should be drawn up and verified by a lawyer. Your friends, co-workers or employer may be able to recommend a reputable real estate lawyer to you. You may also ask questions and share advice on Qatar Property expat forum. Legal documents in Qatar are always written in Arabic.

Your lawyer should also carry out due diligence on all relevant aspects of the purchase, including:

Registering Property in Qatar

Finally, your lawyer will assist you in registering your property. To register a property in Doha:

Mortgages/Payment for Property in Qatar

Your lawyer can also assist you in setting up a secure payment plan for instalment and deposit transactions.

Some developers in Doha have links with particular banks, through which you may secure a mortgage. Alternately, you may apply for a mortgage at a bank of your choosing.

Be aware that deposits required vary from lender to lender, and depend on the value of the property being purchased. Mortgages can be agreed in principle before a property bid is made in Doha, but confirmation of your mortgage is required before the property is actually purchased. Interest rates and the length of mortgages in Doha vary by lending institution. Islamic banks, in accordance with Sharia law, do not charge interest but usually have a shorter repayment term.

Property Fees in Qatar

There is no property tax in Qatar. However, a transfer fee of 0.25% is payable on the value of the property. The developer may also charge other fees, such as ongoing maintenance, car park fees, and facility fees. You should inquire about extra fees before finalizing your property purchase.


Since Doha's real estate industry is relatively young, there are no real estate auctions in the city as of yet.


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