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Rent house or flat

For people wanting comfortable accommodation conditions but not willing to buy a property, renting is the best solution. The best and most convenient way is to do it through real estate agency.

For the full list of agencies please visit

You might also visit online real estate services listed in the previous section.

Prices in Warsaw vary depending on the standard of the apartment, construction year and location. The city is full of commie blocks - square buildings from the socialistic era which offer moderate standard of living but are most affordable. For those interested in the idea, Ursynow - a large district in southernmost Warsaw may be an interesting place. It is home to almost 140k inhabitants and is considered a bedroom of Warsaw. It is well managed and quite safe neighbourhood, well connected with a city center through metro line.

The city also offers many high standard rentals. From many years Warsaw is experiencing boom on the real estate market and there are many newly built apartment buildings with additional features like underground parking, fitness, security, etc.

The prices are higher in the city center and lower for the outer areas. Because there is only one metro line in Warsaw, districts connected to the metro line have significantly higher rental prices.

Like in every city some districts have a better and some have a worse reputation. Generally right-bank Warsaw (especially Praga PĆ³lnoc) is considered as a dangerous neighbourhood with higher than average crime level.





I can reccomend a website www.myapartments.pl.
You can find some well located, reasonably priced, very clean , and safe apartments.



Maybe consider roommate?
Hello everyone I used to live in Poland (Warsaw as well), and I have to tell you its very hard when you don't speak polish there. Although most of the students speak good eng whenever you want get sth done its better you have someone speaking polish with you. But it was diferent in case of looking accomodation for me because I come across this website: http://www.wspollokator.pl where I found my lovely (english speaking) roomates in Warsaw :) You can change language there and it will make your live easier. (To let you know domain name means exactly roommate, so you can preview profiles of your future potential roommates as well). Hope this site will help more Erasmus students!



Rents and Neighborhoods in Warsaw
Another good region for expats with families is Konstancin-Jeziorna. It's an upscale area south of Warsaw with some beautifully designed early 20th century homes. The American School of Warsaw is also there.

For rental prices--our agency in Warsaw has noted that rental prices are stabilizing after declining in 2009. Here is a full article on rental trends in Warsaw & other CEE cities: http://athomenetwork.blogspot.com/2010/07/residential-rents-starting-t...



Apartments for rent in Warsaw

We offer a selection of studio, one or two bedroom apartments available for short or long term rent.

The flats are completely furnished and equipped, located in the city centre, Old Town, Mokotow and Wilanow area.

Please contact us now for more info.



P&O Apartments - the best alternative for Warsaw Hotels
Apartments and Flats in Warsaw centre - Rental for days, weeks, months. The price is a lot less than what you would pay for a hotel room in Warsaw


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