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International Removal Companies

If you can move yourself and all your belongings - the cheaper this will be (if you hire a van, it will cost about 400€). However most often you will call a professional for assistance in international moving, and/or storage. This specialist will be part of a network of companies agreed to international organisations (FIDI, HHFGAA, AMSA, LACMA…).

The company will check the volume to send, list specific objects (including fragile items), specify the way of taking down and putting back together furniture.

Then a preliminary estimate will be established.

On the day of the removal, a team will arrive to carry out the task. Every box will be listed (necessary to check if any box has been lost). Everything should be wrapped with specific protection. Containers are then sealed (check carefully) and sent to Belgium were Belgian movers will pick them up (a few days are necessary).

Classical problems are: containers are 32 m3 and the more you have, the longer it may take to transport your belongings; always check the date of delivery by calling the company; check seals at the departure, and at arrival; avoid the end of the summer holiday; and as you have to check the furniture upon arrival, be sure to be able to read and understand the list. Check also that white goods are electrically compatible.

The cost is about 4600€ to 6100€ per container (depending on service and insurance).

You can ask for details of the removal company insurances but be careful with the limited responsibilities.

You might need to put you items/furniture into storage; your mover should be able to provide this facility or give you contact numbers.

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