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Caisse Nationale des Organismes de Prévoyance Sociale (CNOPS) is for the public sector. Morocco also has a private social security system, Caisse Nationale de Securité Sociale (CNSS).

There are two smaller schemes, RCAR for local state employees and temporary workers and Caisse Marocaine de Retraite (CMR) which administers a number of non-contributory pension schemes for old resistance fighters, civil and military invalidity pensions and other special payments which are being phased out.

There is still restricted coverage as only about 24 percent of the population is covered under all of these funds.

Sickness Insurance

Benefits of social security in Morocco include maternity leave, sickness and invalidity allowances, disability compensation, retirement pensions, and death allowances.


It is mandatory for all employers to participate in the public program. Employers are responsible for enrolling all employees in the program. Expats are considered an equal part of the Moroccan workforce and they contribute and benefit as well.

Employers contribute approximately 6 percent of the company payroll to social security, while employees contribute 3 percent of earnings. This amount is automatically deducted from an employees payroll.


Sick Leave - Most salaried workers and apprentices are eligible for sick leave with special systems for civil servants. The self-employed are not eligible. To claim benefits, the insured must have at least 54 days of contributions in the previous six calendar months of coverage. Additional claims are only valid after at least six additional days of contributions. The benefit is about 66.7 percent of the average daily covered wage received during the six months before the incapacity. The benefit is paid from the fourth day of incapacity.

Disability Benefits: The pension is 50 percent of the insured's average monthly earnings in the last 96 months, plus 1 percent of average monthly earnings for every 216 days of insurance exceeding 3,240 days, up to 70 percent. The maximum average monthly earnings used to calculate benefits are 6,000 dirhams.

Survivor Benefits: Benefits are 50 percent of the deceased's pension, paid to the widow(er).
Orphan's pension: Benefits are 25 percent of the deceased's pension is, paid for each eligible orphan. All survivor benefits combined must not exceed 100 percent of the deceased's pension.

Maternity Leave

Maternity benefit is 100 percent of the average daily covered wage received in the six calendar months before the expected date of childbirth. This is paid for up to 14 weeks. The minimum benefit is 66.7 percent of the legal minimum wage.

International Agreements

Morocco has several bi-lateral social security agreements with other countries. Those countries are France, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Libya, Tunisia, Canada, and Portugal. Check with your embassy for details and conditions.

Update 10/01/2012


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