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International healthcare, medical insurance

Morocco does not have a universal or compulsory health insurance system. Only about 16 percent of the population has medical coverage.

There are nine public-sector mutuals, each associated with a different category of employee insurers, that cover roughly 11 percent of the population. The Caisse Nationale des Organismes des Prévoyance Sociale (CNOPS) coordinates and operates the mutuals and contracts with both public and private providers. The CNOPS determines a standard set of benefits by illness and treatment categories and establishes fees and coinsurance rates for public-sector mutuals.

The cost of both health care and pharmaceuticals is high in comparison to household income. The average cost of a prescription is 250 MAD, roughly equivalent to four days' work at minimum wage. The average cost of a visit to a specialist is 150 MAD, roughly 2.5 days' work at minimum wage. Because of this, medical insurance is a great asset.

Public Insurance

Morocco has a voluntary health insurance system for certain segments of the population, including civil servants, workers at public enterprises, and certain professionals.

Payments to public health care providers are standardized and set by the government in consultation with medical professionals. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for financing the CNOPS. On average, employees contribute 2.5 percent and employers contribute 3.5 percent of base salary.

Private Insurance

Private-sector mutuals, providing insurance to employees and their families, cover about 1 percent of the population. Private insurance is typically offered through large and international corporations for those able to afford coverage payments.

Insurers negotiate directly with private providers to determine a fee-for-service rate. Individuals usually pay a 20 percent coinsurance rate. However, this co-payment can be as high as 50 percent. Private-sector mutuals and insurers determine their own benefit packages.


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