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Learning Spanish will greatly ease you immersion into Mexican culture and help you have a greater appreciation for the people. Language courses can also be beneficial in learning many other languages. Community colleges are much less expensive and will give very similar training. Classes at community centers or at a smaller college can be extremely inexpensive, but may be crowded. Some well-known language schools are:

There are several agencies that offer placement into family homes to help learn language by immersion. This includes classes offering conversation, songs, movies, and extracurricular activities of salsa dancing and cooking classes. Look at under the "Spanish School" tab.

For a temporary cheat, you can use an on-line translation tool:

Update 7/09/2008


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Seminars and Training in english
Hello, I was looking for seminars or any kind of training in Mexico city in english. I looked for information in the education site but I didnt find anything, only schools and language institutions.

The reason I was looking for that is because Im working with a company called Platinum Partnership located in Mexico city that is focused to train and mentor individuals who want to both serve and take full control of there lives and their wealth. Most of our seminars are in english and they are provided by two very sucessfull man both from Canada with an amazing background of studies in human phsicology and bussiness.

Seminars are twice a week in english in our facilities in the best and safest area of Mexico city, Polanco area.
Address is Av. Presidente Masaryk 111, first floor.

For more information please contact us to:

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