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The price of gas in Mexico is about MX$2.50/m3. Inside the city, gas is usually supplied by mains (piped direct to house).

Gas may also be supplied by means of replaceable tanks or by supply from a truck to your roof tanks. LP gas in a Bottle costs about MX$9.50/kg and LP gas supplied to a roof tank coast about MX$4.85/liter. In these cases, gas is brought to the houses by trucks that continuously driving through the streets, ringing "gas bells" or announcing their presence with a loudspeaker. Generally, unless you are in a very rural area, you can count on at least one of these trucks passing by your home each day. The current price of natural gas (which is set by the government) has increased greatly over the past two years and is displayed prominently on the sides of the trucks. A small tank of gas will last the average household 2-3 weeks.


Domestic electricity is subsidized by the government. Prices run at about MX $2.83/KWHr. Lower consumption attracts lower rates, higher consumption attracts higher rates. In lower income to middle class neighborhoods in an average sized city, a typical estimate would be around $10-50 per bill, but those who live in higher-end areas may pay upwards of $200 or more. Electricity is billed every two months.

AC electricity is provided at 127 volts +/- 10%. Outlets typically consist of two flat, grounded concavities.


Piped water is relatively inexpensive, but not always potable (drinkable). Decades of under-investment, combined with a widespread attitude of impertinence towards paying water bills has left Mexico's mains water system in poor condition. As a result, most people purchase bottled water.

Water is billed every two months, and again, costs will depend on where you live. You can pay as little as $5 every two months or as much as $50. It is wise to ask to see previous bills before deciding to rent or buy a home.

Update 6/09/2016


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