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Malaysia's Postal System is run by POS Malaysia Berhad, a corporation that handles all postage. Anything sent from Malaysia usually takes between 2-3 weeks to arrive at the final destination. The cost of sending within Malaysia or internationally depends on the size and weight of the item, but postage costs are reasonable. Postage for a standard letter is RM .6, and it costs RM .5 to mail a postcard. Packages can range from RM 4 - RM 7 for packages up to 2 kg, plus RM 1.5 for each additional kg. The maximum weight is 30 kg. Custom formalities apply when sending a parcel overseas.

Their website is in both Bahasa and English and provides informational on all services.

POS Malaysia is the main post office in Malaysia, with over 1,000 centers in East and Peninsular Malaysia. Most post offices are open between 10:00am and 6:00pm from Monday to Saturday.

Besides POS Malaysia, PosLaju is a courier service that offers a fast service for sending internationally. UPS and FEDEX can also be found in Malaysia.

Malaysian Addresses

When sending a letter, write the address in the center of the envelope, leaving the bottom 16mm (? in) blank. This space might be needed to print barcodes from their sorting machinery.

Addresses should be written as follows:

Recipient's Name
Building Number / Lot Number/ Name of the Floor and Building
Street / District
Postcode / City

If you are addressing your letter or package to a P.O. box or a lockbag, put the box or bag number before the postal code.

Malaysian Post Offices

POS Malaysia shops are in every neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur and with a select few in smaller cities and towns. It is very easy to spot a POS. Look for the red sign with POS written in red, in smaller blue font is Malaysia, and a white stripe and bird run through the center of the words.

There are two types of post drop boxes. Red boxes are for standard mail, and express mail is serviced from yellow boxes. Each post box will display it's pick up times on the front.

The POS website offers a list of locations.

Mail Services in Malasia

POS offers a variety of services. Domestic service includes next day delivery, same day delivery, time certain service domestic, Borneo Economy Express, Putrajaya Express. International services includes international delivery, Time Certain Service Singapore, and Pos-priority Express. Customers can also enjoy useful services such as packaging, insurance, track and travel, and SMS notification. Other services provided by POS Malaysia are bill payment, medical insurance and money wiring.

Update 3/06/2015


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