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The consumption of alcoholic beverages in the State of Kuwait is illegal. Alcoholic beverages are not sold in Kuwait.


  • Tap water is safe to drink. However, bottle water is preferred by most expats. Bottle water comes in two types, still or carbonated and is available in all grocery stores and corner shops.
  • A small selection of alcohol free beers, mostly from the USA, on most grocery store shelves.
  • Major grocery stores carry a wide selection of teas from all over the world.
  • There's no shortage of name brand coffees, regular and decaffeinated, instant or filtered, coming from every corner of the globe. Most food stores have endless supplies of coffee. If they don't have what you're looking for, arrangements can be made to special order it - at a cost.
  • Expats can purchase juices like apple, orange, mango, pineapple, carrot, and kiwi from any food store. Some stores carry speciality juices such as organic or freshly squeezed.


Kuwait has an incredible selection of restaurants for those who enjoy dinning out on the town. Everything from Afghanistan cuisine, to American food, to Vietnamese, it's all available here. There's even a wide selection of fast food restaurants as well. Prices range from a couple of KD to several hundred, all depending on one's taste and likes.

Kuwaiti Specialties

As with all countries around the world, Kuwait has many speciality foods. A few of the dishes include:

  • Hummus: Chickpea dip made with garlic and lemon.
  • Tabbouleh: Probably one of the BEST tasting dishes around made from chopped parsley, tomatoes, and garlic and seasoned with a splash of lemon juice.
  • Falafel: another speciality dish made from garbanzo beans which are then rolled into balls and served vegetables and flat bread.
  • Kebab: Traditional meat dish found all throughout the Middle East, usually consisting of chicken, lamb or beef, then cooked over a fire.
  • Machboos: Rice dish with fish, lamb and chicken with tomato sauce added to the top.
  • Qouzi: Grilled lamb meat stuffed with a variety of veggies and spices. Eggs are sometimes used.


Currently, there are two prominent vegetarian restaurants in Kuwait, Ginger (Jahra Street, Al-Muthana Complex - Ground Floor - Entrance 4 & 5, opposite JW Mariot Hotel) and Bess Fooll Bess Felafel (Salmiya, Sharq, Hawally).

Nearly all restaurants offer a vegetarian option for their customers.


Tipping, while customary in some countries, is left up to the desecration of the customer. Tipping is not mandatory in Kuwait, although some people do leave a gratuity, especially at high end restaurants. If you are so inclined, tip around 10%.

For fast-food establishments, tips are rarely given.


There's no shortage of coffee shops in Kuwait. Many are global chains. Here's a list of some of the more popular ones.

  • Caribou - Over 30 locations across Kuwait.
  • The Coffee Bean - Around 15 locations across Kuwait.
  • Starbucks  - The KING of coffee shops in Kuwait, with over 75 locations!
  • Second Cup  - Not as popular as some, but still well known by all.
  • Gloria Jeans  - Standard coffee shop, similar to Starbucks

Most hotels have their own "in house" coffee shops, and are open to the public. A favorite among locals is an upscale coffee shop located in the Hotel Missoni called Choco Café. Looks can be very deceiving as prices are fairly reasonable for the location of this popular café.

Fast Food

Surprisingly, Kuwait is home to some of the more popular American restaurant chains.


P.F. Chang's
Address: The Avenues Mall and Gulf Road @Al-Corniche Club
Price: Main Course 3KD and up

The Cheese Cake Factory - newly opened.
Address:  The Avenues Mall
Price: Main course 5KD and up.

Dean & Deluca
Address: The Avenues Mall
Price: Main Course 4KD

Le Pain Quotidien
Address: The Palms Beach Hotel, Marina Crescent Mall and the Avenues Mall
Price: Main course - Breakfast 3.5KD Lunch/Dinner 4KD

Texas Roadhouse
Address: The Avenues Mall
Price: Main course 6KD

Address:  The Avenues Mall, Movenpick Hotel, Salmiya
Price: Ice cream cups start at 2KD

Shake Shack
Address: The Avenues Mall
Price: Main course 2.5 KD

Address: The Avenues Mall
Price: Main course 1.5 KD

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
Address: The Avenues Mall
Price: Main course 3KD

Pizza Express
Address: Dahiyat Abdullah Al Salem, The Avenues Mall, Kuwait International Airport, Hilton - Al Mangaf, Salmiya - Al Bidaa, Nofa Towers and  Salmiya - Marina Crescent
Price: Pizzas start at 2.5 KD

The Gaucho Grill
Address: Salwa and The Avenues Mall
Price: Main course 4KD

Pei Wei
Address: The Avenues Mall
Price: Main course 2 KD

Noodle Factory
Address: The Avenues Mall
Price: Main course 2.5 KD

Thai Chi
Address: Palms Club @ Gulf Road
Price: unknown

Address: American University Kuwait, The Avenues Mall, Discovery Mall and Kuwait International Airport
Price: Main course 3 KD

Address: Sharq Mall, and Gulf Road @2nd Ring Road
Price: Main course 2.5 KD

Apple Bees
Address:  Gulf Road near Kuwait Towers
Price: Main course 2.5KD

Ruby Tuesday's
Address: Aqua Park, near Kuwait Towers, Marian Mall, 360 Mall @6th Ring Road
Price: Main course 3.5 KD

Johnny Carino's Kitchen
Address: Gulf Road @3rd Ring Road
Price: Main course 3.5 KD

Address: Gulf Road @2nd Ring Road
Price: Main course 3 KD

Johnny Rockets
Address: Kipco Tower, The Avenues Mall, Marina Mall, Salhiya Plaza, Salem Al-Mabarak, Block 45 and Fintas Towers
Price: Main course 1.5 KD

Hardrock Cafe
Address: Salmiya, Gulf Road, Marina World, Water Front
Price: Main course 3.5 KD

Planet Hollywood
Address: Olympia Mall
Price: Main course 3 KD

Mais Al Ghanim
Address: Gulf Road, across from Kuwait Towers and Spoons Complex, Coastal Road
Price: Main course unknown

Le Notre
Address: Gulf Road near Kuwait Towers
Price: Main course 3.5 KD

Update 26/05/2013


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