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Public Services

Emergency services

Minor earthquakes occur frequently in Japan and usually don’t prevent people from going about their business. Should you be caught in the middle of a violent tremor you should quickly turn off anything that may cause a fire and identify a door or window that can offer you a means of escape should a fire occur. Use a pillow or cushion to protect you head and seek shelter underneath a solid table. NHK radio broadcasts earthquake information in English on 639 AM or 810 AM.

The United States Embassy in Japan has compiled an earthquake survival checklist should you require further information:

In Japan any phone can be used to make emergency calls free of charge.

Police, Fire and Ambulance (English-speaking operator on duty 24 hours a day) - dial 110

Foreign Residents Advisory Center, 03-5320-7744, Open weekdays 9:00 - 12:00, 13:00-16:00

Health and Medical Information Center, Emergency Interpreter Service, (1) 03-5285-8181; (2) 03-5285-8185


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