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If you are looking for a summer job or you are interested in a gap year, voluntary work abroad may be the perfect way to gain valuable experience. With a volunteer project, you will get professional and personal experience, improve your career choices, it allows you to learn about another culture, and to encourage your personal development, co-operation, tolerance, and open-mindedness.

There are many organisations that will help place you in the perfect volunteer experience. We will give a list of different organisations throughout this article.

What is a Volunteer Job?

Volunteer service is offered by choice, it contributes to the well-being of an individual and the community and is usually coordinated by a non-profit or public sector organization. These positions rarely offer any salary or wage.

Volunteer work can be a good way to gain new skills and experience while learning more about the country and acquiring some local language skills. Volunteering internationally offers a native's perspective into a country, a chance to work with people from around the world and unparalleled experiences.

Volunteer Programs in Ireland

Charities and Volunteer Organisations in Ireland

A lot of charities and volunteer organisations exist throughout Ireland, and opportunities depend on what you are looking for. Many volunteer placements include free accommodation and meals, but make sure you establish this before beginning work.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS)

The EVS is an European Union program that offers young people (between 17 and 30) the opportunity to work as a volunteer for two weeks to twelve months in a non-profit project abroad. Accommodation, food, and insurance are covered during the programme, as well as a monthly allowance provided. However, you might have to cover a part of your travel costs when exciding the maximum allowed.

How to proceed: Start with the Database of Volunteering Opportunities to find projects that suit your interests. Alternatively, you can directly search EVS Accredited Organizations to find an organization you would like to work with. You need to find both a sending organization in your country that will assist you with the procedure, and a host organization in Ireland that is carrying out a project that you want to volunteer for.

Insurance as a Volunteer in Ireland

Wherever you go, it is recommended that you take out travel insurance as it covers any event that might occur when you are abroad. Many volunteer programs already handle visa arrangements and include insurance coverage in their program fees or as part of their compensation. If they do not, compare around for rates and coverage before contracting any Healthcare & Medical Insurance.

Consult the section on "International Healthcare & Medical Insurance" to find out more about your options and compare companies and services on our other site: Expat-Quotes.

For example:

Work Visas & Permits for Volunteering in Ireland

Ireland is a member of the EU therefore citizens of the EU and European Economic Area do not require a working visa. Those coming from countries outside the EU will need to obtain both a residence permit and a work permit.


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