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New Delhi



Medicines, Hospitals

At the Surgery

Delhi has a wide range of public sector and private hospitals along with medical college hospitals and nursing homes. It is seen as an emerging hub for healthcare and has a growing medical tourism industry. As in most countries, private hospitals provide better quality service and treatment but are costlier than government-run centres. These are generally preferred by the middle, upper class and expat community. Private healthcare has flourished in India in the last decade owing  to the long queues and impersonal service in government-run hospitals. Most private hospitals have contracts with various insurance companies making better treatment more accessible. There are plenty of private hospitals in the city. The hospitals are well equipped with the latest technologies and specialist doctors.

Some of the most reputed hospitals in Delhi are:

Apollo Hospital
Sant Parmanand Hospital
AIIMS Hospital

Click here for a complete list of hospitals in Delhi.

At the pharmacy

There is no shortage of pharmacies in the city. Pharmacies offer a number of over-the-counter drugs and are generally quite well stocked with prescription drugs as well. It is quite common to find pharmacies in the vicinity of general practitioners. Click here for a complete listing of pharmacies located in Delhi.

You can also find 24 hour pharmacies at various locations spread across the city. Click here for a listing of pharmacies open 24/7.


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