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Television in Budapest

The television transmission standard used in Hungary is PAL, which is used in most of Western Europe. There are both terrestrial and digital transmissions in Hungary. There is no tax on TV or a license needed.

Television Channels in Budapest

Most channels require subscription via a television company, although there are a few terrestrial channels that can be viewed without a subscription.

Without a satellite dish or cable, only Hungarian channels are available. With a dish or cable, Budapest can pick up English channels such as Sky News, CNN International, MTV, EuroNews, Super Channel, the Cartoon Network, FoxSport, Sport 1, MSNBC, Animal Planet, and The Discovery Channel.

Cable and Satellite TV

T-Home provides several packages, which includes phone, cable TV, and internet with both cable and satellite TV options. Basic options only include Hungarian channels but advanced packages include English channels. Connection can be arranged through telephone or in person at a T-Pont or T-Partner shop. It can take between one week and one month to get connected. A passport and driving license is required when arranging a contract.

The largest TV provider in Hungary is UPC and offers several packages that include TV, phone, internet, and mobile phone service. It provides both cable and satellite options. Another popular provider in Hungary is DIGI. A passport, driver's license, and recent utility bill are required when arranging a contract.

Internet in Budapest

Internet can be provided from the previous cable providers mentioned. Two popular internet providers in Hungary are Invitel (Tel: 1288, press 5 for English) and Enternet (888 2001, press 7 for English).

An application can be made by telephone or online. To apply, be prepared to supply your

  • ID card/passport
  • Address
  • A recent utility bill

Connection can happen within a week, or take up to a month. Apply as early as possible. Similarly, be sure to give notice of an end of service in writing as soon as you can.

On average the cost of internet in Hungary is 3,750 HUF.

Internet Cafés in Budapest

Internet cafés are mainly based in Budapest, but the trend is starting to take over the whole country. Internet cafés can be found in shopping centers, fast food restaurants, or in the streets.

At smaller places the price per hour can be very high, so it is best to visit a shopping center or a larger café. Most internet cafés offer discounts on multiple hour purchases.

Wi-Fi in Budapest

Wi-fi is readily available in Budapest. Many restaurants, cafés, hotels, and shops offer Wi-Fi. However, it is not necessarily free and a password may be required. Many people are happy to give the password if you ask.

Update 25/08/2015


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