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Internships are an excellent tool for advancing your skills in a field of interest. These positions help young adults find a career path, test their aptitude for certain kinds of work, and further develop their resume or CV. Internships are almost always unpaid as the intern is gaining skills and experience. It is critical to find the right match so that the relationship is beneficial to both intern and company. Full time students have the easiest time finding internships because of their age, lack of real life skills, amount of free time, and education.

To secure an internship aboard, it is usually necessary to find a company that sets-up the internship. Internships are commonly set-up through a university for its students.

Internships in Budapest

The most common internship is teaching English. Ask your local university if they offer any internships to Hungary. You can also consult these companies:

  • Budapest-Europe-Internship - This is a great source to use to find a list of internships in various interests. Common fields include teaching, IT, PR, and sales.
  • Budapest Agent - This is a common forum to find internships that are popular amongst students and short-term visitors. Internships can focus on business, marketing, IT, among other fields. Internships typically last between 1-3 months.

Search for an Internship in Budapest Online

Online search engines are one of the best ways to find internships abroad. Listed below are the most popular websites for finding internships in Budapest.


The newspaper is a common place to find advertised internships in the classified section. The two most popular Hungarian newspapers for internship listings are:

Networking in Budapest

In Hungary, it is a common case that individuals find an internship through someone they know.

Social media also provides great contacts. Following companies on social media (like Linkedln, Twitter or Facebook) is another method of finding the perfect internship. Businesses can promote job opportunities on these sites and provide helpful tips and information.

You can also network specifically with expats on EasyExpat's Hungary forum, expat network in Hungary, and expat blogs in Hungary.


To secure an internship aboard, it is usually easiest to find a company that sets-up the internship. Some agencies require a fee to secure a placement. Internship agencies include:


If hired through an agency, the agency usually guides the intern through the process. Many interns receive a short-stay or seasonal employment visa.

For more information on visa, consult the section on "Passport and Visas".

Update 25/08/2015


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