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The currency in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar HK$ and you can always go onto our currency converter page if need be.

The HK$ is divided into 100 cents and you have bills as well as coins. It is the 9th most trade currency in the world. It is unofficially used in Macao and the Republic of China but it is accepted. It is simple to open a bank account in Hong Kong which is (a bit like Singapore) a kind of Asian Switzerland.

You will need a proof of ID and a proof of address to open one but you do not need to be a Hong Kong resident to actually open an account there. There you can have the usual credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc… and you can take cash out from ATMs (very numerous) whether it’s from a foreign account or a Hong Kong account.

Here are some web sites for banks you can find there:

The conversion to the euro is currently roughly on the order of 10HK$ for 1€.

For international money transfer, it is very efficient and very fast (not more than 5 working days) and the charges are minimum.

Update 8/04/2010


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