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Most young people go to Greece looking for work in the tourist sector. Knowledge of different languages, particularly English and German, will be an advantage. Your best bet is to talk to managers and/or owners at bars, hotels etc. where foreign tourists hang out.

EU citizens can legally work in Greece. Non-EU citizens are unlikely to be able to work there unless it’s “under the table” or for specific jobs with visa. In fact employers of part- and short-term workers often prefer this in any case because they don’t have to pay taxes. Think carefully before taking on such unofficial work however: you could be deported and denied future entry to Greece if caught and you might lose money you’re owed by your employer.

There is an abundance of educated, hard-working young people from Eastern Europe in Greece which makes finding work, particularly summer work, more difficult.

Be wary of agencies offering training courses for English teachers with the promise of a job at the end: these are often scams. Legitimate job opportunities for teaching English in Greece are scare and will usually go to qualified teachers with professional experience rather than to a young and casual native speaker.

Networking is important: get to know as many people as possible, especially related to the type of work you are looking for. Have copies of any relevant diplomas and references from previous employers on hand.

To work on an official basis, you will need to apply to the police station for a residence permit and go through a certain amount of paperwork. A good employer will help you through this process.

When you’re selected for interview make sure you arrive having done your homework on the job and the company concerned. Prepare your questions in advance. At the start of your job search it’s best to accept all interviews since it will allow you to gain experience. Tell them precisely when you’d be available to start work. Bear in mind that you may need time to adjust to life in Greece, so prepare for this. Make sure you have copies of any relevant diplomas with you when you come for interview as well as any other printed material that may support your application.

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Update 31/12/2008


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