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Cinema, Nightclubs


Quito has several large cinemas, like Supercines and Multicines.

The prices vary between $5 USD and $10 USD depending on the movie and the day (weekends are more expensive). Most cinemas offer popular blockbuster movies. The city has few alternative film houses streaming independent films, for example Ochoymedio en La Floresta.


In North Quito, nightclubs and bars are mainly situated in La Mariscal, La Floresta, and El Baltan (street Eloy Alfaro).
To enter a club, you always need to show identification. If you do not have an Ecuadorian identification card and you do not want to bring your passport, you may enter with an identification card from your home country. Entrances of clubs vary between $5 USD and $15 USD. Some bars and clubs charge a minimum consumption instead of an entrance fee.


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