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Update 15/09/2007

Danish is not an easy language to learn and those with English as their mother tongue are likely to require classroom tuition to help them to get to grips with the pronunciation. Language courses are offered by a number of schools around the city and are often free or available for a nominal contribution if you are resident in Denmark.

Courses are often very intensive, however, requiring commitment of a number of hours per week that many working people will struggle to find. In addition, because most Danes finish work quite early, they tend to work on the assumption that international workers do the same and as a result many of the start times for the classes are impractical for anyone who does not work 'Danish hours'.

The two largest language schools in Copenhagen are:


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Among the largest language schools in Copenhagen, you will also find:

Copenhagen Language Center, Valdemarsgade 16, 1665 Copenhagen V. Telephone: 33 21 31 31. Internet:

A full list of free language courses in Denmark can be found here:

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