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Copenhagen is one of the three municpalities, along with the city of Frederiksberg and the island of Bornholm, that is not part of a county and manages the functions normally administered at county level within the municipality. In January 2007, it will lose this special status as part of a review of the county structure and become part of the Region Hovedstaden (the capital region). The Lord Mayor of the city is Ritt Bjerregaard, a Social Democrat. The seat of the municipal government is the City Hall (RĂ„dhus).


Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Margarethe II at it's head. The Prime Minister of the country exercises executive power on behalf of the monarch. The goverment, consisting of the Prime Minister and his cabinet, are responsible to the Parliament of 179 elected member. The members of Parliament are selected by proportional representation and elections are held every four years. Since 2001, the Danish Prime Minister has been Anders Fogh Rasmussen, of Venstre, a right-wing liberal party.


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