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Rent house or flat

To rent a property in Denmark, you will usually be expected to pay a deposit amounting to 1 to 2 months rent, either in cash or by bank transfer. Unless you are using a specialist rental agency dealing with short-term lets to expatriates, the minimum lease is generally one year. The minimum period for short-term lets is 3 months. During the summer, it is not unusual for Danish apartment owners to rent out theur apartment for a few months while travelling, so you may be lucky and find something in this way if your requirement is for a short term stay. Many Danish apartment blocks have heating and hot water supplied centrally to all of the residents. If this is the case, you will be charged a monthly amount with your rent, which will be adjusted according to your consumption at the end of each year.

For furnished rented apartments in the areas popular with expatriates, you should expect to pay in the region of 9500 dkk per month for a studio apartment, 12000 dkk for one bedroom and 15000 dkk for a two bedroom property. These figures include the charges for heating, hot water and cable television.

Unfurnished longer lets are cheaper and would be a better proposition for those who know that they will stay for a minimum of one year. Prices will be 25 - 30% below those quoted above for furnished lets.

A number of specialist rental agencies operate in the Copenhagen area, offering both furnished and unfurnished lets for expatriates. Some examples are :

The Lease

Generally, if you rent a furnished apartment for a short period as a corporate let, the contract for your apartment rental will be drawn up with your company named as the lessee. Many of the specialist executive rental agencies will only lease their property to a company, not to a private individual. Your name(s) should be included in the contract as the tenants. Rent is normally payable at the beginning of each month.

As with rental contracts the world over, a standard clause will be included stipulating that the property must be kept in good condition and you will be responsible for the cost of any degradation not attributable to normal wear and tear. As a tenant, you are expected to behave reasonably and with consideration to your neighbours; any antisocial behaviour or obvious abuse of the property is likely to result in your eviction. The lease will also include details of which aspects of the property you and the landlord are responsible for and whether or not you are permitted to have pets in the building, or sublet rooms.

If you rent a furnished apartment, it will be equipped with a range of goods, usually of a high standard. Corporate letting agencies may also hire linen and towels. An inventory will be prepared when you move into the property and included as an appendix to the contract. The inventory will be checked when you leave the property and any damaged or lost items will be replaced at your expense. For corporate lets, you will usually also be responsible for the cost of contract cleaning on your departure.


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