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Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic and is spoken by about 96% of the population. There are three distinct dialect regions:

  • Hana (central Moravian) region
  • Moravian-Slovak region (or the east Moravian region, including Moravian Wallachia)
  • Lassko (Silesian) region
Despite these differences, accents are not so great as to prevent Czech people from understanding each other. If you approach Czechs on the street in English, you should only expect about a 50/50 chance they will be able and willing to communicate. Russian is also widely understood in the older generation as it was taught under communism, but may not be popular.

There are a variety of institutes and methods for learning Czech.


Agentura Educo
Courses in Czech, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian & Russian.
Address: Praha 7, Dobrovskeho 28 (METRO Vltavska)
Tel: +420 233 312 187, 602 38 61 86

Renowned international chain offers classes in English, German, Italian, French and Czech.
Address: Praha 1, Hybernska 24
Tel: 222 12 55 50 - 54

The Caledonian School
Over 250 employees specialize in teaching English, German, French, Spanish, and Czech to foreigners.
Address: Praha 1, Narodni 21
Tel: 224 23 77 31

SF Servis
Czech languages courses for beginners up to the level of advanced. Taught by post graduates at Charles University.
Address: Praha 1, nam. J. Palacha 2
Tel: 221 61 92 97

Update 28/08/2014


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