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Emergency services in Nicosia

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Emergency Contact Numbers for Cyprus

Emergency Police, Ambulance, Fire 199/112
Ambulance 199/112
Fire Brigade 199/112
Forest Fire 1407
Immigration Bureau (Nicosia) +357 22 80 23 34

Safety in Cyprus

Cyprus is an overall safe country with relatively low crime. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close to you in the cities, as you would in any global city. Take extra care in high-tourist areas as they can sometimes be targeted by pickpockets.

Though foreign citizens can technically drink the tap water in Cyprus, bottled water is still recommended. Tap water in Cyprus is mostly desalinated sea water or rain water collected during the winter. It is chlorinated for purification and does not taste good, so even though it won't make you sick, most tourists and locals as well prefer bottled water.

Because of Cyprus' unique situation, crossing at the checkpoints that divide the official state of the south and the unofficial north can sometimes be tricky. Though there is no safety risk and EU passport holders with a TRNC stamp can generally go north and re-enter the south without any problems, make sure you have the correct insurance documents to take any rented cars up north. Also, the Republic of Cyprus imposes limits on the quantities and types of goods that can be brought in from the north, so try not to purchase too much, especially cigarettes.

There aren't a lot of scams and other such problems directed towards tourists in Cyprus. However, tourists who head to nightclubs alone may want to keep an eye on their drink. Incidences involving date rape drugs are few, but just like in any heavy-drinking nightlife area, they do occasionally happen.

Car Safety in Cyprus

Cyprus has a relatively poor record when it comes to road accidents, with the annual rate of road death sometimes reaching twice the rate of countries like the UK. Take extra care when driving on the road, and remember that in Cyprus, cars drive on the left.

Motorcycle drivers are required by law to wear helmets, and drivers must have a seat belt on at all times. You may be fined if you violate either of these traffic rules.

Useful Telephone Numbers for Cyprus

Drug Info & Poison Control 1401
Night Pharmacies (General) 192
Local Operator 190
International Operator 198

Update 18/03/2017

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