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Internships are a great way to gain experience and skills in a career field that interests you, and thus also boosting your resume before applying for steady work in the field. Many recent graduates and university students also use internships to get their foot in the door with major companies where securing employment would otherwise be difficult.

Either way, an internship is a great experience that will give you both additional professional skills and great networking opportunities, and will also give you a preview of your desired career field to see if that area of work is really for you.

Internships are almost always unpaid as the intern is gaining skills and experience. That is why internships are usually meant for full time university students, who have the necessary free time to engage in an internship, and also are looking for real-world skills to add to their university resume without necessarily looking for payment.

Finding internships abroad is usually easiest through a university, or through international companies that offer students summer internships in foreign countries.

Internships in Nicosia

UNDP Cyprus – The United Nations Development Programme offers graduate university students the chance to gain experience within the UN system while also learning about the specific complexities of life and work in Cyprus. Students can apply to either the Action for Cooperation and Trust (UNDP-ACT) and Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF) programmes.

UNHCR Cyprus – The UNHCR has an important branch in Cyprus that works with thousands of refugees a year. University students as well as recent graduates will get the chance to help the refugee agency for a minimum of three months, and thus gain experience working within an important international organization. Those interested in development and humanitarian work should definitely contact the organization.

Search for Internships in Cyprus

Internships in Cyprus can be hard to search for without existing connections on the island, which is why most students search for placements through their universities or large international organizations with branches on the island. However, there are some resources to help with internship searches.


The Internet can be one of the best sources for finding internships in Cyprus, as some opportunities are usually listed online.


Newspapers often have classified sections, and it is possible to occasionally find internship listings in these sections. Some of the best newspapers in Cyprus for job and internships seekers are listed below.

Networking in Nicosia

Due to the relatively small size of Nicosia and Cyprus in general, networking is absolutely crucial when it comes to securing a job or internship. Many companies may not even publically list internships, but if you get to know people at their managerial level you can secure a temporary position.

Try to find expats already living in Cyprus to network with before departing for the island. You can connect with people over social media, EasyExpat's Cyprus forum, or one of the many expat blogs based in Cyprus.

Visa for Interning in Cyprus

Since most internships in Cyprus are usually offered by large international organizations, your employer will guide you through all the specifics necessary to obtain a visa. Students from the European Union will likely not require any kind of visa, as most internships last under 90 days.

Update 1/02/2018


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