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Brazil’s strong tourist industry is always in need of English speakers – hotels employees, tour guides, bar staff, sports instructor etc. Those qualified to give English tuition will also find a way in relatively easily. Many business executives and other professionals want to perfect their English language skills either for personal or professional reasons. English language trainers typically teach small groups of adults in corporate offices. Since improving their English will create new career opportunities for them, businesspeople are generally highly motivated. Working in Sao Paulo will clearly allow you to use your leisure time enjoying the city’s cafes, restaurants, and shopping areas, as well as its diverse culture, friendly locals, and vibrant atmosphere.

Check the following website for English teaching opportunities in Brazil:

Since it is difficult to obtain a work permit informal English teaching is a common option for those seeking temporary work in Brazil. If your language skills improve, working as a translator will also be possible. There are some opportunities to teach at the American schools, but those positions lots are usually filled through recruitment fairs held in the US. There are many big international firms that hire translators however and these jobs generally pay well.

Many families hire au pairs to watch their children and accompany them on their summer vacations. You should have some experience with children and be able to provide references. Please refer to the Au Pair section of this site for more information on working as an Au Pair in Brazil.

The following website provides job listings for Brazil:


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