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Malta Expats is the premier hub for the international community and its people living in or relocating to Malta.
Our comprehensive resource will provide a platform for everything needed to live or conduct business in Malta: From governmental administration, healthcare, legal advice or real estate to schooling, studying, language training, from culture, food and entertainment to networking and meeting with other members of the expatriate community.

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 Is Malta the next European digital base?
If you’re looking for a spot in Europe to stay a while and crank out a few blog posts or catch up on all those important emails, you could do a lot worse than Malta. Will the affordable living, easy access to great food, top cultural experiences, and fast WiFi temp you ove
3 July 2017 | 7:02 pm

 Renting Properties in Malta
Renting properties has become very popular among expats. Malta has responded to the massive influx of foreigners coming in by providing more housing options and selections. Within major towns and cities or villages as the locals are referring them, prices will vary from mid to h
14 May 2017 | 4:24 pm

 Living in Malta
“Living in Malta means to accept mold” Mold. Everybody knows what it looks like. Now I, too, know what it feels like to suffer its effects. For me it seems to be about a very burning sensation in my eyes. Watery eyes. I have a blocked nose most of the time. I feel a
29 April 2017 | 5:00 am

 Public Holidays 2017
The people of Malta and everyone living here, including us Expats – we take a peak of the Public Holidays 2017. What we are seeing is a quite interesting as many of the holidays are being shifted and scheduled for a long weekend. Only two out of seven falls on we
24 April 2017 | 5:00 am

 Maltese Feasts Calendar 2017
In every locality, large or small, a feast is organised in honor of either the patron saint (festa titulari) or the ‘second in importance’ saint (festa sekondarja). Maltese Feasts are not to be missed! Not all parishes have two annual feasts. Some parishes have only
23 April 2017 | 5:00 am

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