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Like all countries Sweden has restrictions on what may be brought into the country. Goods that you are using during your trip like clothes or cameras can be brought into Sweden duty free. If you’re entering from a country within the EU you are only allowed to bring in alcohol and tobacco products for your own personal use. If you enter Sweden from a country outside the EU how much duty-free and tax-free alcohol and tobacco products you can bring with you is governed by the "travellers allowance", which means no more than one litre of spirits, no more than two litres of fortified, sparkling or non-sparkling wine. You can bring beer into Sweden but the total value of your alcoholic drinks may not exceed 175 euros. If you exceed these limits in terms of volume or value, you are liable to pay tax on the items. Failure to declare your items in this case may lead to them being siezed and a fine imposed. Note that people under 20 years of age are not allowed to bring alcohol into Sweden.

Firearms, ammunition, or any type of defensive weapon (including CS gas canisters, crossbows, signal and starter's guns and pepper spray) may not be brought into Sweden without a permit from Swedish police. A special permit will also be required for dangerous articles such as knives, knuckle-dusters, truncheons, karate sticks, riveted gloves, etc.

There is a limit of 15 kilos on bringing fish into Sweden, otherwise there are no restrictions on bringing food stuffs into the country from another EU member state. Note that food stuffs from a country outside of the EU can not be brought to Sweden without a permit from the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Prescription drugs may only be brought into the country for your own personal medical needs. The same applies to medication needed by any pets you’re bringing with you.

If you’re in possession of an EU pet passport you can bring your animal into Sweden. It’s still a good idea to consult the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture for more information on the subject. Animals and products from endangered species are not allowed to be taken into Sweden.

Since 2007 all travellers entering or leaving the EU with € 10 000 or more in cash must declare the sum to Customs.

As a non-EU resident you can claim a tax refund of up to 18 % on all purchases made at shops affiliated with Global Refund Sverige of 200 SEK and over. For more information about tax-free shopping in Sweden consult the section “Tax” on this site, or visit:

Note that some goods, such as antiques, may be restricted for export from Sweden.

Update 21/05/2008


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