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If you can move yourself and all your belongings – the cheaper this will be (if you hire a van, it will cost about 460€ if you are already in Europe). However most often you will call a professional for assistance in international moving, and/or storage. This specialist will be part of a network of companies agreed to international organisations (FIDI, HHFGAA, AMSA, LACMA…).

Regardless the company you choose, we advise you to talk to their agent in Spain first (don't choose a removal service without one). If you move by sea (it takes 1 week from New York for example, a few days from a country in Europe) you get charge by volume. You get charge by weight if you move by air.

The company will check the volume to send, list specific objects (including fragile items), specify the way of taking down and putting back together furniture.

Then a preliminary estimate will be established.

On the day of the removal, a team will arrive to carry out the task. Every box will be listed (necessary to check if any box has been lost). Everything should be wrapped with specific protection. Containers are then sealed (check carefully) and sent to Spain were Spanish movers will pick them up (a few days are necessary).

Classical problems are: containers are 32 m3 and the more you have, the longer it may take to transport your belongings; always check the date of delivery by calling the company; check seals at the departure, and at arrival; avoid the end of the summer holiday; and as you have to check the furniture upon arrival, be sure to be able to read and understand the list.

The cost cost is about 4600-6100€ per container (depending on service and insurance).

You can ask for details of the removal company insurances but be careful with the limited responsibilities.

You might need to put you items/furniture into storage; your mover should be able to provide this facility or give you contact numbers.

You can also consult:

Whatever you choose, don't forget to list all the belongings that you ship (the removal company will do it for you) as you will need that list when you get to Spanish customs.

Update 7/11/2007

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When you move internationally you are taking a big step. Lots of things are changing and you have a million things to think about and take care of. If you are able to select a top of the line moving company that moves for a modest price, it can take a big weight of your shoulders in busy times.

Our network of international removal companies can move your furniture & possessions to Spain and anywhere overseas.

Filling in the form at the bottom will allow you to request up to 5 quotes from various moving companies. This service is free of charge and will help you select an international moving company that suits your needs and budget.




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The Spanish ferry company Acciona have stop sailing from the UK direct to Spain which is a shame because there prices were a lot cheaper for removal companies to use, now the choice is to drive through France which is a bit of a hike or pay top dollar to use P and O or seafrance
Nicks removals

 Eleonor Perez


Britannia Southern Removals.
This website is full of useful information. The company is based in Malaga but they service the whole of Spain. They are part of the Britannia group of companies with over 50 branches throughout the UK.

 Ruben Fernandez


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Mudanzas nacionales e internacionales a cualquier parte del mundo. Informacion y reservas por telefono o en linea.
Espacio web:

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