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Falling ill in a foreign country is never a pleasant experience. You may find it useful to have some common medical vocabulary on hand in case you do:

  • I feel sick - Mune ga muka-muka suru
  • I have chest pains - Mune ga kurushii
  • I have a headache - Zutsu ga suru.
  • I feel tired - Karada ga darui
  • I have a fever - Netsu ga aru
  • My stomach hurts - Onaka ga itai
  • I feel nauseated - Hakike ga suru
  • I have diarrhea - Geri wo shiteiru
  • I have a sore throat - Nodo ga itai
  • I have asthma - Zensoku desu
  • I have an earache - Mimi ga itai

If you do fall ill and need advice you can call the Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center on 5285-8181. The centre is open every day from 9am till 8pm and can provide information in English and Spanish. There is also an emergency translation service for foreigners needing medical attention while in Japan: 03-5285-8185 (open daily).

Using the following website you can find hospitals and clinics near your location in Tokyo:

Or use this webpage to locate one near the train or subway station of your choice:

Update 20/03/2008


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